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The Hawthorne School
Grand Reunion 2005
August 5 through 7, 2005
at the
4-H National Youth Conference Center
Chevy Chase, Maryland

The Grand Reunion is over, but will not be forgotten.  About 300 people showed up, and we had a great time.  All of us learned new things about Hawthorne, and met people who had been there before or after our time. 

Some photographs of the Grand Reunion are now available on the Hawthorne School web site.  (Please send photographs and text to Dana Sawyer; large e-mail attachments are fine but please arrange in advance if sending more than 10 megabytes.)

Coming soon to a DVD player near you!

Sandy and Eleanor have arranged for a video of the reunion which will be available for $25.00, and a DVD of still photographs which will cost $10.00.  Please contact Sandy and Eleanor for more information.

Make sure we know how to stay in touch

If you are not already in the online Alumni Directory, please register for our mailing list, or contact Dana Sawyer to supply or update your information.

Help us find other alumni

We'd like to have class representatives for each class year -- 1958 to 1982 -- to help us locate those who have not yet been found and help plan future events.  If your year is not listed, please contact Dana Sawyer if you would like to volunteer.  As of now we have:

1961: John (Jock) Dreier, Gail Katz-Becker, John O'Hara

1962: Marilyn Campbell Mitchell

1963: Molly Warner

1964: Peggy Diggs

1965: Dana Sawyer

1966: Giorgio Cave

1968: Valerie Taylor

1969: Jennifer Woods

1971: Maury Ringel

Last updated September 21, 2005