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July 24, 2005
July 10, 2005
June 20, 2005
June 1, 2005 November, 2004

July 24, 2005 Newsletter

Dear Hawthorne Alumni,

We're all looking forward to seeing everyone at the 4H Center in two weeks (August 5 through 7). This event has been put together by volunteers, and now that the reunion is approaching, we'd like to share the wealth of opportunities to help out. (In other words, we're a little swamped here!!)

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to assist with various tasks as listed below. If you can give an hour or two of your time, please email the person listed below to volunteer ASAP.

Packet stuffing: Thursday afternoon August 4, Bethesda:  Valerie Taylor

Alumni check-in: 6 people needed for shifts Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday noon-ish -  Valerie Taylor

Open mike: Friday night (some tasks may occur before then): Jennifer Woods

Setting up the exhibits of materials: Friday morning/afternoon at the 4H facility - Jennifer Woods

Memorial exhibit: We would like to have an area where we can acknowledge those Hawthorne community members who are deceased, and where people could interactively add their own comments and memories. Currently we don't have anyone to collect and arrange the materials. If you would like to take this on, please email to Valerie Taylor.  We hope we will get 2-3 people for this in the next week, otherwise, it won't happen.

Ad-hoc on-site tasks: Undoubtedly there will be other things people can help with throughout the weekend. If you'd like to help, come by the 4H Club on Friday before 3pm and find us, or at the check-in table after 3pm.

Donations:  There are still some folks who would like to attend but are having trouble paying the cost. The committee has very limited to no extra funds. Donations in any amount would help a lot. If you would like to help enable more people to attend, please click on Donate. Thanks!

Van needed: We need a van with fold down seats to move John Shortridge's harpsichord from Walter Reed Hospital to the 4-H Center on Friday afternoon and then return it on Sunday afternoon. Contact Eleanor Orr.

Desktop publisher sought: We will be distributing schedules, lists of attendees, etc. in packets to all attending alumni. We need someone with expertise in desktop publishing to put these materials together in a printable format, complete by Tuesday August 2.  Probably a couple of hours for a knowledgeable person.  Please contact Valerie Taylor.

Printing needed: We will need to photocopy the materials to go into the packets, completed by the evening of Wednesday August 3. If anyone has connections at a photocopy business, or owns a photocopy business or even a photocopy machine, please contact Valerie Taylor .

How about YOU? 

If you plan to attend the reunion but haven't yet registered, please do so immediately.  For any questions about your registration, please contact the address shown below:

Click here to send us a message

Don't forget to send your one-paragraph bio to Molly Warner.
Please send your written reminiscences of Hawthorne to Stowe Davison.

Please send books or articles by you or about you, artwork (or photographs of artwork), or reviews of shows, and memorabilia to either Jennifer Woods or Jane Corning Farthing.

Comings and Goings

If you have not already answered Sandy and Eleanor's queries, please do so now so we can count and report the numbers. Please copy and paste the following into an email to Eleanor Orr and fill it in.

Arriving at the reunion:  Day -                      Time –
Approximate desired check-in time:  
If arriving Friday, will you be participating in activities? (Yes, No, n/a)
Departing reunion:          Day -                      Time -

You may wish to consult the updated reunion schedule to decide on the best time to arrive.

Please take a moment to pick a way to contribute, and email the appropriate contact above.  If you can donate even an hour or two to help, it would make a huge difference.

Thank you very much,
The Organizing Committee

July 10, 2005 Newsletter

The Hawthorne red owl
Hawthorne Grand Reunion Newsletter
July 10, 2005

All is well.  Final payment to the 4-H payment made on time; total registrations now at 268.  We're headed for a major Hawthorne party..
And after all the stress to meet the June 28 deadline, the 4-H Center did an about face.  The planning-staff, in contrast to the financial-staff, has no problem accepting registrations as late as ten days before the reunion.  So much for all our deadline-efforts.
We can now add or change optional meals, corkage, or drinks on existing registrations, and we can continue to accept registrations and final payments on existing registrations.  There are about three guest-rooms still available  But please help us by making changes and payments owed now, and if you  decide to reserve one of the few remaining rooms, don't wait until the last minute..
Also let us know if the cost is preventing you from attending.  We cannot promise, but efforts are afoot to create an anonymous fund to help those who cannot otherwise afford to attend.  Email such requests to the address shown below.

Click here to send us a message

Time is short.
Please send your one page bio now to Molly Warner '63.. For those of you who didn't know,  Molly is assembling a booklet of bios to be available to all at the Reunion. 
Please remember that alumni-artwork, alumni-books and articles, and Hawthorne memorabilia (photographs, yearbooks, etc.) are now being collected for display. Contact Jennifer Woods '69 or Jane Corning Farthing '67 for instructions.
Please remember also that Stowe Davison '67 is collecting from everyone brief anecdotes, funny or serious, to be called "Hawthorne Moments".

Even if you can't attend the reunion, you are invited to submit a bio, items for display, or anecdotes.
The Reunion Committee

June 20, 2005 Newsletter

The Hawthorne red owl
Hawthorne Grand Reunion Newsletter
June 20 2005

Registrations are due by June 28, 2005

This is just a reminder that we need to receive all registrations and payments by June 28 -- that's only a week from now.  We have to give 4-H our final numbers and payment on July 5, and after that 4-H cannot guarantee that any further additions will be possible.  So if you have not already registered and paid, please do so by June 28 to make sure you don't miss the reunion.  If you are not sure whether you have registered or paid, please contact us at the address below

Click here to send us a message

Newsletters are now on the web site

Look for a link to the newsletters on the Grand Reunion home page at www.gr2005.org, or go directly to www.gr2005.org/newsletters.html.

Who is coming to the reunion?

It looks like total reunion attendance will be over 200, including alumni and their spouses and children.  Alumni who are listed in the online Alumni Directory have red owl logos next to their directory entries if they have also registered for the Grand Reunion.

If you have registered for the reunion but not for the online directory, please register for the directory at http://thehawthorneschool.org/register.html.  We'll put a red owl next to your name!

On the other hand, if you have registered for the directory but not for the reunion, please remember that a registration for the directory does not automatically register you for the reunion.  So if you can come to the reunion, please register now at www.gr2005.org.

Are spam filters blocking our newsletters?

Past newsletters have been composed in HTML, meaning that we can insert images and control the type fonts to make them look nicer.  Unfortunately, that sometimes causes them to be blocked by "spam" filters.  If you did not receive the June 1 newsletter, but did receive this one (which was originally composed in plain text), that may be the reason.

How to unsubscribe

If you don't want to receive future Grand Reunion newsletters, please contact Dana Sawyer.

June 1, 2005 Newsletter

Red Owl logo

June 28 -- Last day for Grand Reunion registrations
We need your help.  Our contract with the the 4-H Center requires that on July 5 we submit our final numbers for meals, lodging, refreshments, and facilities.  These numbers must be based on fully paid registrations, since our final payment is also due July 5. 
In light of this, we are asking that all registrations be fully paid and in hand by June 28, allowing time for checks to clear and lists to be true and accurate.  Please do not fail to meet that deadline; the Center cannot promise to accommodate late registrants, and we do not want to turn anyone away.

With less than four weeks until June 28, we  have one hundred seventy people registered, an additional forty-two  who have said they are coming but have not yet registered,  and thirty-two more who are working on clearing their schedules, as well as others who now appear almost daily out of nowhere having heard about the reunion for the first time. Although we  have more than enough registrations to meet all expenses as well as to repay the initial seed-money, the uncertainty about final numbers makes detailed planning almost impossible.   We and the Center face the possibility of having to be ready for anywhere from one hundred seventy to two hundred seventy.
We ask all who plan to come but have not yet registered to help us by registering now.  Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message to any alumni you know who are not listed in the Online Alumni Directory.
In case of questions or concerns, please contact Dana Sawyer.


The Reunion Committee
Peter Banner, '71
Peggy Diggs,  '64
David Levenson,  '65
Sandy and Eleanor Orr
(ex officio),
Maury Ringel, '71
Dana Sawyer, '65
Valerie Taylor, '68
Molly Warner, '63
Jennifer Woods, '69


While we can accept payments up to June 28, that's coming up fast.  Please pay sooner if you can.  Visit our payment page for online payments or mailing instructions.  If you don't know your Invoice Number (only needed for online payments) or amount due, please contact Dana Sawyer.

Please send bios to Molly Warner

Send your abbreviated life history for inclusion in the reunion packet to Molly Warner '63, with the heading Hawthorne Bio.

November 2004 Newsletter

The Red Owl

The Hawthorne School Association, Inc.
Grand Reunion 2005

Newsletter 1, November 2004

I heard the owl call my name

Don't worry!  Unlike the owl in Margaret Craven's novel, the Red Owl is just inviting you to come to the Grand Reunion.  As most of you know, it will be held August 5 through 7, 2005 at the 4-H National Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland -- on Connecticut Avenue one mile north of Chevy Chase circle.

If you build it, they will come

To all of you who have already registered for the Grand Reunion, a hearty thanks from the planning committee and the Hawthorne School Association!  We are required to pay in advance for the use of the 4-H Center next August, and your registration fees not only covered our November payment, they also made a good start toward the next payment.

If you haven't yet registered, remember that our next payment to 4-H is due January 5.  We don't want to bother you with reminders during the holiday season, so please register as soon as you can.  Registration will remain open after January 5, but early registrations simplify both the finances and the planning.

“The chambres and the stables weren wide”

Among the many pleasant features of the 4-H Center are the guest rooms.  Each comes with private bath, telephone, television, and data ports -- amenities Chaucer would never have imagined -- and the double rooms (also used as singles) have two double beds.  You can see pictures of the quad rooms on the 4-H web site, where you will also find more details about each kind of room.

We have a limited number of rooms, so please sign up early.  Subject to availability, rooms can be added to existing registrations; send requests to Dana Sawyer.

“And remember, the pike is spunched”

Alcoholic beverages are optional at the reception on August 6, but if you want them, you must pay "corkage" in advance.  A corkage fee is like a cover charge, a one time charge which is paid to 4-H in advance in order for us to serve you alcohol.  A coupon recording advance payment for drinks and corkage will be given you at check-in.  Once you've been served the number of drinks on the coupon, additional drinks can be purchased for cash. 

Corkage is not required for non-alcoholic drinks -- they're not spunched.

“A Curious Invention about Mouse-traps”

What was special about Hawthorne and how did it shape our lives?  We will explore this question in many ways, while also celebrating the results.  People are at work planning the agenda, and they want your input.  Send your ideas to Jennifer Woods.  She has a team ready to set up the display rooms with your artwork, your writings, your tapes, your inventions; call her if you have questions about what to send.  Send your Bio to Molly Warner; she hopes to have the booklet of all the Bios ready to send out before the Reunion.  And send your Hawthorne "Moments" to Stowe Davison.  (See the invitation for phone numbers and addresses.)

"Now, do you all follow?"

If you need more information about the Grand Reunion, please check the Learn More page.  For any questions not answered there, or suggestions for the next newsletter, contact Dana Sawyer.

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